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Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is an idle game that takes the notion of the traditional Breakout or Arkanoid game and gives it a fresh new twist. The goal of this game is to eliminate all of the bricks on each level by using a paddle to deflect balls into the air. The "idle" component of the name comes from the fact that the game continues to develop even while you are not actively playing it, which is the twist that gives the game its name.

How to Perform
You can improve several parts of the game while you play and earn in-game currency by doing things like increasing the amount of balls in play, the pace at which they travel, and the power of your paddle. These improvements will allow you to advance through the game more quickly, clear more bricks, and move through higher stages.

Hints and Suggestions
To make the most progress possible early on in the game, prioritize ball upgrades.
You can earn in-game currency by engaging in idle play, so make use of it.
Make clever use of the power-ups.
Unlock new ball kinds, each with its own set of special abilities.
Pay attention to the different sorts of bricks, and adjust your tactics accordingly.
Improve the distribution of the ball so that it is as effective as possible.
Use your prestige carefully so that you can make the most progress possible in Idle Breakout.

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