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Retro Goal is the makers of the popular sports games NEW STAR SOCCER and RETRO BOWL's quick and exciting combination of Soccer Game action and simple squad administration. Play the first ten free matches before purchasing the rest of the game and competing for greatness!

With graphics inspired by the most popular football games of the 16-bit era and the precision of cutting-edge touch-screen controls, you'll score goal after goal. different from other goals pixel-perfect precision

The gameplay in Retro Goal is simple. You start by selecting your team, managing the squad and formation, and getting ready to score some goals. Due to a dearth of legally recognized clubs, the game contains fictional teams with amusing names, my personal favorite being "Blackpool," a clear homage to Liverpool F.C.

At the start of each match, the game also displays an optional squad management meta-game. While this may not be for everyone, it is well-developed and addictive. Though I've never been interested in Football Manager games, Retro Goal's adaptation of the system has.

How to Participate
Choose a team from one of the world's most popular leagues, then add the superstars, experts, and hotshots who will help you win, then take complete control of the pitch and make every touch count!