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Tecmo Super Bowl

The American football video game Tecmo Super Bowl was published in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). It was the first sports video game to have licensing privileges with both the league it sought to emulate (the NFL) and the league's player's association (the NFLPA), allowing the game to use the names and attributes of actual NFL teams and players. The game was developed by the Japanese video game company Tecmo. This is the first game to have both actual teams and genuine players. There were no 1991 draft picks included, and no players who had been signed or moved prior to the start of the 1991 NFL season were updated in the game. The game was published late in 1991, but all club rosters and player qualities were based on the preceding 1990-91 NFL season.
There was no way to play numerous seasons with different schedules since the original game only used the 1991 NFL schedule. Despite being almost 20 years old, the game continues to have a large cult following because to its popularity during the NES's last years.
Tecmo Super Bowl's primary menu let players choose between the NFL preseason, the regular season, and the pro bowl. The information about the team was also available on the main page. Each team in the original NES Tecmo Bowl featured a total of 20 players, including nine offensive players, nine defensive players, a kicker, and a punter. There were 30 unique players on each team's roster in Tecmo Super Bowl. There were eleven defensive players on each squad, and they could not be switched out or injured. There were a total of seventeen attackers on the field for each side; eleven starters and six reserves. According to NFL regulations, each team may only have eleven players on the field at once. The team also included a punter and a kicker.

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