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Vampire Princess First Date

In the game "Vampire Princess First Date" you will meet the lovely Rebecca. This beautiful woman used to be a vampire princess, but she learned how to change into a human. She attends a typical high school, where she starts to create her new adolescent life. The young woman was elected captain of the cheerleaders and took first place in the dance competition. The most popular student in the school, Mike, fell in love with Rebecca throughout the competition. So he proposed a date to her! The young lady is overjoyed!

You have to assist a cute couple in the game as they get ready for a date. You must first assist Rebecca with a small remodeling in her chamber, which resembles a vampire's den more than a princess' bedroom. After that, you'll assist Mike in getting ready and fixing the broken automobile while it's still on the road. Make sure everything is in order and then do Rebecca's cosmetics and hair. The girl is ready – she only has to put on a dress! Time to go on a date! Have fun playing and good luck!

How to play

Use a mouse.

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