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Top Speed Racing 3D

Get ready for the toughest and most extreme racing experience you will ever have in High Speed Racing 3D. You will be put to the test of every difficulty level and impossible obstacle. You will be able to perform amazing tricks like a pro. Try to attend as many events as you can if you want to make money. But that's not all. You'll also have a great time adding stylish accessories to your car to make it your own. This game allows you to choose your vehicle, change it, drive it and even perform stunts. Everything is right here! Play for FREE now and learn about a whole new and exciting way of driving.

Key Features

  • You can choose between Low, Medium and High graphic quality.
  • You can choose from over fifteen exciting games, each with their own speed, handling, and off-road abilities.
  • You can improve the engine, turbo, tires, transmission, suspension and nitro to help you drive faster. 
  • To make your car look better, you can change the following: Some options are wheels, paint, window color, seat position, vinyl, LED lights, and metal plating choose yes available.
  • Wheel Rims: There are 29 different types of wheel rims.
  • Paint: You can paint the entire car, including the wheels, brakes, hood and hood. You can also change the gloss.
  • Swing Posture: Camber and Height Adjustable Vinyl features simple, colorful and camouflage patterns.
  • The LEDs are available in 14 different colors.
  • This game has four different ways to play: freestyle, traffic, police chase and stunt. Soon, there will be Police Chase and Stunt modes.
  • Camera view: You can choose between two different camera views. as well as the viewing distance, the amount of music, the sensitivity of the arrows and the sensitivity of the steering wheel.

How to play

Complete events

Drive around the city in your car and look for races to enter. You can drive in events like parkour and drift that are hard to do. When you successfully finish a track, you will get paid.

Upgrade your car

You can use that money to change everything about your car, from the performance settings in the upgrade menu to the way it looks and how it leans. For example, you can change the way it looks by adding tinted windows, vinyl, and a lot of other things.

Buy new vehicles

You can also buy a variety of powerful engines ranging from powerful trucks to high-octane cars and even supercars like the Bugatti Veyron. If you continue to attend events, you will have to try them out for yourself.

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