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The Island of Momo

The Island of Momo is a 3D game with numerous guns to select from. You'll have to reload after killing Momo multiple times in this gun game.

How to Participate
You were preparing to retire for the night when something weird occurred in your room. You were transported to the island of Momo. You must now survive on this island. All you have to do is go looking for guns, ammunition, and other things. Momo and her thugs are coming for you, so prepare.

The objective of the game is to maintain your health for as long as you can. Get your weapons ready and shoot Momo and her thugs. The longer you live, the more difficult the game becomes.

W, A, S, and D keys: move
Mouse: Aim and shoot
Esc Mouse Lock Key Cursor
Run the Space Bar while holding down the Shift key. Jump E is important. Use and interact with items.
Have fun and best of luck!

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