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Share is a fun arena IO game where players throw snowballs at each other. In this epic snow battle, you collect snow and try to kill other players while staying away from the ice platforms that are melting. The game is over when only one player is left.

How to play ?

Move around to make the snowball bigger. Your enemies will be easier to kill as the snowball gets bigger and bigger. When you're ready, throw your snowball at the other players. You can also knock out other players with your snowball.

At the same time, you must avoid being hit by other players with snowballs and avoid hitting them, otherwise the game will be over.

You will get XP and new skins when you win battles.


  • Get XP and get access to new skins.
  • You can play in tournaments and quick-play mode.
  • Playing is fun, fast, and hard to stop!
  • Simple controls.


Hold down the left mouse button to move and make a snowball. Let go of the button to shoot.