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Shoot Block Rush 3D

Shoot Block Rush 3D is a simple shooting game with several minor stages. It does not require you to have exceptional shooting abilities. To win, you must choose the correct abilities and paths. Your goal is to keep shooting in all directions while clearing all of the obstacles in your path. Try to be the best destroyer and beat the boss!

How to play

Standard Control: The standard controls for computer games might be different for each game. But for most computer games, the keyboard and mouse are the main ways to play. When you play browser games, you may come across these popular controls:
Keyboard: To move the character or get to different options, most people use the arrow keys or the WASD keys. To jump, press the space bar. To start or stop the game, press the enter key.
Mouse: In first-person shooter games, you use the mouse to aim and shoot, choose choices in menus, and interact with things in the game. The left mouse button is often used for choosing or shooting, while the right mouse button serves other purposes such as aiming down sights or interacting with items.
Players mostly use the space bar to shoot, jump, or interact with things.
Players mostly use the "Esc" button to stop the game or access the menu.
Players mostly use the tab button to access the inventory or view scores.
Players mostly use the number keys to pick up or change guns.
Most of the time, you'll use Ctrl or Shift to crouch or run.
However remember that every game has its own way of controlling things, so it's always a good idea to read the game's instructions or lesson first.

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