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Shell Shockers

In this shooting game, Shell Shockers, you compete with other online shooter eggs. Shell Shockers features three distinct game modes that can be played on up to 40 different maps. Plus, you can now completely customize your egg by adding colors, caps, stamps, and payloads. Bring a Crackshot, RPEGG, or Eggk-47 into battle. To unlock power-ups and destroy other eggs in battle, click the chicken section at the bottom of the screen. Shell Shockers also shows your KDR (Kill Death Ratio). Your KDR must be higher. Therefore, you are more likely to kill than die. To determine who is the best, competitors should compare their KDR scores. All you need to play the game is a web browser, no download required.


  • A fast-paced game.
  • Cool egg based theme.
  • Different types of games and weapons are used.
  • The store offers a wide variety of eggs that can be tailored to your taste.

Game mode

  • Use all the features offered by the Free For All program. In Team mode, take on the role of a member of the red or blue team.
  • In our weird variation on catching the flag, Catch the crazy Spatula, take on the task of capturing the ultimate Spatula.
  • Now you can control your own cage thanks to our new mode, King of the Coop! To win the new game format, you must defend and score five points.

How to play

  • Use WASD to navigate. Use the cursor to scan the area for enemies.
  • Use LShift to aim and left click to shoot your opponent.
  • Jump with spacebar.
  • To throw a grenade, press Q.
  • To reload your weapon, press R.
  • To switch weapons, press E.

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