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The new version of NeoSnake.IO is a graphic version with bright colors that will charm players. The gameplay is the same as in other snake games, but since the area is smaller, there will be more competition than in other versions. The different shapes of the snakes will give players a new feeling.

Start out with a small snake and collect the bright arches to make it bigger. You can press and hold an arch to move faster. Since there will be a lot of other people playing, you will all be trying to get the highest score, which means your snake will be the biggest. Maybe your huge snake will also be too much for you. Be careful not to bump into other snakes. If you do, you will lose and become food for them. However, you can make other snakes crash into your body on purpose to kill them. So, you can get bigger more quickly. This is harder for eel snakes than for you, as long as you are smart and skilled enough.

Are you the best at making snakes?

How to Use NeoSnake.IO
Drag to move faster.