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Hero Rescue: Pull The Pin

Hero Rescue: Pull the Pin is a gripping puzzle game with 100 hard stages. Your goal is to strategically remove pins in the proper order to defeat goblins, claim treasures, and save princesses.

As the hero, armed with wisdom, courage, and love, you go through a world full of mysteries, dangers, and the promise of tremendous rewards. Your mission is to guide the hero through each level, solving complex puzzles and making decisions that lead to either treasure or the rescue of a princess.

Key Game Features:

Challenging Puzzles: Work your way through 100 puzzle levels that will put your wit and smart thinking to the test.
Heroic Journey: Using intelligence, courage, and love, save the princess and discover treasures.
Goblin Battles: Strategically remove pins to defeat goblins and overcome hurdles in your mission.
Adventure Awaits: As you go through the game, you'll encounter puzzles, hazards, and amazing prizes.
Experience the thrill of Hero Rescue: Pull the Pin as you solve puzzles, kill goblins, and embark on a heroic quest. Will you be the hero who rescues the princess and uncovers hidden treasures? Play now to find out! Welcome to the Hero Rescue: Pull the Pin puzzle game! Help the hero find the treasures and save the princess right away! You will be a hero who possesses the wisdom, courage, and love to save his bride. The hero began his quest to find the riches and save the princess.


Use your mouse or touch the screen!

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