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Granny 2 Asylum Horror House

We added Granny 2 Asylum Horror House to our website because horror games online in 3D featuring this character are always popular. The sequel game offers even more craziness and scary moments, so get mentally prepared for them. Only the brave can complete this game!

Attempt to make it through the Asylum Horror House while playing Granny 2 online!

Use WASD to move, the mouse to aim and shoot, the wheel to switch weapons, G for grenades, R to reload, F to pick up things, and shift to run, You can crouch by pressing TRL, prone by pressing X, melee by pressing V, and jump by pressing space.

You must locate the hammer, batteries, and master key to move from room to room, escape, and reach freedom and safety in this terrifying and deadly environment.

Use the weapons you acquire to eliminate all the crazies and creatures you encounter during your journey through the asylum and keep in mind that if your health points deplete completely, you will die, so avoid getting shot, bitten, or otherwise assaulted!

Start the horror experience right away; you won't regret it, and tell your friends to do the same; they won't either!

How to play:

Use WASD, space, shift, mouse, R, G, V, F, and CTRL.

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