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Giant Rush

Giant Rush is a fast-paced, casual combat game starring giants and other terrifying creatures. In offline combat games, you may get on a fighting vehicle, negotiate an obstacle course, join blobs to become stronger, and battle massive creatures.

Fight the giant monster with your sword, evading their strikes as you strive to destroy your opponents in brawl games. You will win if you build a strong blob runner warrior to use against your opponent. Choose a strategy and guide your stick figure hero to victory in this epic struggle!


How to play

In Giant Rush, your goal is to get bigger and stronger than every other figure.

Move your figure by dragging your finger in the direction you want them to go.

On your journey, you will face enemies and problems that will try to stop you.

To get coins, improve your character, and make it stronger, try to avoid barriers and kill enemies.

Keep playing and getting better until you reach the top of the scoreboard and are named the best giant in the game.

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