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Getting Over It

Getting Over It is a difficult rock climbing game with an intriguing subject. You will go mountaineering using only a pot and a hammer. Display your strategic abilities to deal with the challenging trials that await you on the mountain. This mountain climb game has a lot of uneven blocks and enormous fruits that make your path difficult. Continue climbing over the perils and strange stuff. Get to the top to win fascinating and large prizes.

Jumping over it is an arcade climbing game in which you guide your adorable kitty to the mountain's summit. You only have a hammer and a pot to complete the assignment. Are you up to the demanding task of a climbing expedition? Make yourself into a strong mountain climber who never gives up when faced with difficult terrain. However, this is one of the intriguing climbing games for enthusiasts that will keep them entertained for a long time.

Storyline: Our get over it game is similar to the traditional form of getting over it produced by Bennett Foddy in 2017. The primary character in this game is a cat with a hammer and pot who climbs over big fruits and multicolored blocks. Our rock climbing game is the ideal blend of fun, adventure, and difficulties.

Use the mouse to move and position the hammer. Take your time since moving too quickly can set you back. Continue to practice until you can swing, fly, and climb with complete control.

Place the hammer carefully on huge blocks and fruits to leap over them * Navigate yourself firmly because erroneous moves can bring you back * Keep an eye on the tough ups and downs to get over the top * Complete the quest to unlock unexpected rewards

There are numerous obstacles and items in your path, and all you have to avoid them is a hammer. Isn't that crazy? Let's go on a mountain climbing adventure!

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