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Funny Shooter 2

Fighting hordes of silly enemies in Funny Shooter 2 is so much fun! To defeat these fearsome foes, wield a variety of weapons and expand your collection as you advance. Wander the brilliant fields of other lands. Your opponents can be ordinary Indians, giants, or strange, lifelike creatures. Use a variety of guns, grenades, and other explosive weapons that deal massive damage to shoot these creatures. You will meet a new enemy every few levels, and a boss is waiting for you every ten levels.


  • Effortless gameplay and fantastic 3D graphics.
  • In the store, purchase and modify weapons.
  • To get gold prizes, reach milestones in your achievements.

How to play

  • Mouse to explore around.
  • Motion is WASD.
  • Run and jump with W + Shift.
  • Left Left mouse button (Hold) = aim, right mouse button = shoot.
  • Choose a weapon with the mouse wheel.
  • Weapon hotkeys from 1 to 7.
  • R to reload.
  • G stands for grenade.
  • Weapon test.
  • I take/take away the weapon.

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