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Fantasy Madness

Roguelike action-survival game Fantasy Madness is set in a steampunk version of the world of fantasy. The natural order is being threatened by bad forces, and you wish to stand against them. Use a diverse armory of arcane abilities bestowed by cherished Mother Nature to defeat crafty enemies such as orcs from the Clan of Aluminum Helmets.

How to play

You will play as Johnny Harmon Wild in this game, who is trapped in the fictional Orkish Paradise forest. Strange goblins, orcs, magicians and other evil creatures are attacking this forest. To protect the forest, your task is to move around the map and eliminate all enemies. To avoid an attack from your opponent, you just need to move. Don't forget to collect crystals so you can level up and get experience points. You will get more power-ups that make you stronger as you level up. Upgrade these power-ups to increase their effects.

Use the arrow keys or the WASD to move to avoid obstacles when moving.

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