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Baldi's Basics

Despite being inspired by terrible instructional software from the 1990s, Baldi's Basics is not an educational game but rather a bizarre title that combines horror with humor! School is over, but your pal has a problem: he forgot seven notebooks and has begged you to collect them. But it won't be easy because Professor Baldi has set several challenges for you and will not tolerate blunders. Explore the school to find the notebooks and attempt to answer the difficulties that will arise. But it seems easier said than done! You will need to learn the school plans, understand how to use the materials you locate, and persuade Baldi's buddies to give you an advantage. The horrible Professor Baldi will always look for you; don't allow him to catch up with you or the game will end. Always be on guard and leave to avoid meeting him!

Baldi's Basics includes two gameplay modes:

In story mode, you must find seven notebooks before fleeing the school. Baldi will gradually speed up, but each time you solve a difficulty, he will slow down. Keep the speed as slow as possible to collect all of the notebooks.
Endless mode is a challenge in which you must find as many notebooks as possible without being caught by Baldi. Solve the problems to keep Baldi's speed at a minimum and so obtain extra notebooks.

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