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Do you wish you could become a spy or detective? In, you play in a match with four to ten other people. In this game, each player has a different job to do. The player can be either a "Impester" or a "Crewmate." Working with some of your teammates, you have to find the fakes and kill them. Between Us is mostly a survival game where all of the fakes get to vote. After that, everyone on the crew had finished their jobs. In contrast to Crewmate, Imposter has to kill teammates to stop them from doing quests that would help them win. So, everyone wants to be the champion because you have to cheat and kill your opponent to win. If a player on either team stops the game, the game ends.

Key Features

  • Exciting online game for four to ten people
  • How to play something easy but interesting
  • Suspense about mechanics
  • A casual way for people to have fun with each other. You can invite your friends or family to do fun things with you.
  • Animations that are cool and full of color.

How to play

  • To move, you can use the scroll direction keys or touch/point and click modal.
  • Has the option to call out if you think there's a faker in the group and talk to other people

Tips to play game

  •  Not having a reason to be near vents or corners
  • Getting away from work
  • No telling what they do at work
  • Find reasons why missions can't be done.
  • Staying alone or in rooms with few things to do.

You can use these tips to make the game easier. These signals can only be seen by beginners. Are you ready for battle?